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The Scoop On Poop

Last Updated January 6, 2020

Of all the ways your cat communicates with you, purrhaps none is as important as what you find in the litter box.

We’ve always made a habit of checking litter box output every day. When our geezer cat Rocky was alive, we were checking the amount of urine output. Since Skeezix has an infamous reputation for the squirts, we keep an eye on that, too. But aside from the obvious, what is the optimal poo formation?

Here's a cat poop chart to help you out. Your (or rather, your cat’s) goal is Number 2 (appropriate, eh?). How does your cat rank?

If your cat consistently excretes product that is outside the normal range, a vet visit is warranted. Sudden changes in consistency should be evaluated by your vet. When you change your cat’s food, always introduce the new food gradually and pay attention to what you see in the litter box during the transition.

Your cat does communicate to you about her health, just not by saying she doesn’t feel well. Becoming a CSI (cat scene investigator) and seeking clues about your cat’s well being is an important part of keeping her happy and healthy.

Written by Karen Nicholas

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