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Bone Broth For Dogs 400ML

Bone Broth For Dogs 400ML

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Bone Broth For Dogs 400ML
Fortified with essential vitamins,

Why would you want to give your dog bone broth? It:

  • Helps maintain a healthy gut, especially for dogs with digestive issues
  • Supports your dog’s immune system and detoxes his liver
  • Helps protect there joints
  • Is full of minerals, including calcium, silicon, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus

Beef Bone Broth

How Long does it last? 

Please Keep in freezer(3 months) until use,
Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and use within 5 Days.

How to prepare the food?

Defrost at room temperature or over night in the refrigerator
Serve pet food at room temperature or chilled. 
Heating the food is not recommended